Announcing Post 206 Scholarship Winners

Alyssa Butters,
Huntingtown High, accepted Penn State and University of Connecticut, Major course of study - Biology or Health Sciences, Career choices - Medical Doctor or US Navy Pilot.

Katy Rhodes,
Huntingtown High, accepted to CSM, also applied to McDaniel & Gettysburg. Study Physical Therapy. Career as Sports Therapist.

Ryan Rice
Northern High, accepted at University of Maryland and North Carolina State. Major course of study - Computer Engineering. Career - Software Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Software Developer, Game Design.

Josephine Hall
Huntingtown High, accepted to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Clark University. Major course of study - Biomedical Engineering. Career - Engineer, Scientist, Researcher.

Congratulations to these worthy students, and best wishes as you pursue your studies.