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History of Stallings - Williams American Legion Post 206
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History of Stallings - Williams
American Legion Post 206

Article written by: Legionnaire Orville Wilkerson
Submitted by: Legionnaire Dennis Bowling

Stallings-Williams Post #206 was granted a temporary charter by the National Headquarters of the American Legion on September 25, 1946, with 47 names on the roster.

The name was chosen from two servicemen of the area, who gave their lives in the service of their country. During World War II, James Franklin Stallings, born July 5, 1923, son of Morris E. and Molly Ward Stallings, was lost in action over Holland on September 22, 1944 while serving in the 82nd paratrooper Division. Jesse Whittier Williams, born May 25, 1917 at Chesapeake Beach, Maryland. Son of William S. and Anna M. Williams, was lost in defense of his country on August 17, 1944 in France.

The first Post Commander was R. Jesse Chaillet, who also was the first Life Member of the Post. During the years 1946 - 1948, we held meetings at the Town Hall and the Firehouse in North Beach, Maryland.

During the years 1949 - 1950, we rented a building at 3rd Street and Bay Avenue, North Beach, Maryland from Gus Basiliko. In June 1953, with the help of Mrs. Emma Ewald, we purchased a house at 3rd Street and Chesapeake Avenue, North Beach, Maryland - next door to Ma Brown's Store. The purchase price of the house was $3,841.68 including all settlement cost. After 5 years we realized that the house was too small, so in April 1958 we sold the house to Pop Brown (owner of Ma Brown's Store).

The money from this sale was put into a building fund. During the period of time, April 1958 to July 1965, meetings were held in various places including the Town Hall at Chesapeake Beach, MD. Tommy Outmans Restaurant, Claude Cary's Restaurant and the Alta Hotel.

On November 15, 1963, we put a $100.00 deposit down on the property we now own (3 acres), which was owned by Preston and Mary King. On January 31, 1964, we purchased the property for $1,000.00 per acre, total price $3,049.10 including the settlement cost. At this time the building fund had accumulated to $7,500.00. Then came the job of clearing the property, grading and putting in the driveway. This work was done by George Catterton. Questionnaires were submitted to all members for the type building they desired. When the questionnaires were returned and counted, the majority was for the type of original building, 40' x 60', two levels.

In May 1964, we received a loan from Maryland National Bank at Owings, MD with the aid of Mr. Frank Bowen and Mr. Winfield Hutchins for $10,000.00. On June 19, 1964 work began on digging the basement. The masonry work began July 12, 1964. The masonry work was the only labor charges, the rest of the building was completed with volunteer help, with Commander Wes Morgan heading the construction.

After the roof was completed, meetings were held in the basement. About this time, we found out the $10,000.00 we borrowed was not enough to complete the building. So an additional $4,000.00 was borrowed from Maryland National Bank. By this time, the building fund had grown to $11,000.00, with this and the $14,000.00 that was borrowed. The building was complete for a little under $25,000.00, including the cost of the property, clearing the land, grading and excavating.

  • First event held at the Post was a dance on November 19, 1966. Made $621.10.

  • First Oyster/Bull Roast - November 9, 1969 made $2,170.50.

  • First Department Executive Committee Meeting - February 8, 1976.

  • Dedication of the Post home - May 30, 1976 Gerald Jackson, Post 206 Commander; Charles St.Clair, Department Commander; Tal Carawan, Southern Maryland District Commander; Austin Stanley, Calvert County Commander; Louis Goldstein, Comptroller of Maryland; Edward Hall, State Senator (Calvert County); Bernie Fowler, President Calvert County Commissioners; Edward Stallings and wife Hazel, brother of James Stallings assisted in ribbon cutting ceremony. The above mentions, plus many members and friend attended.


  • Enclosed Balcony - November 1970 / January 1971 Approx. $3274.80

  • Addition to original building

  • Dug basement approx. - 7/24/72

  • Poured concrete - 8/7/72

  • Poured Basement floor - 10/2/72

  • Walker laid block - 10/6/72

  • Problem with Town over block

  • Walker completed block & Brick 12/6/73

  • Raised Truss - 12/15/73

  • Hardwood floor week of 3/10/74

  • Insulation 3/17/74

  • Tile 3/19/74

  • Paneling 3/30/74

  • Ceiling 8/10/74

  • Est. $25,000.00

  • Basement entrance/ Upper parking Oct./Nov./Dec./ 1976 Approx. $8,412.57

  • Enclosing Porch & Pit/ plus fans July - Nov. 1978 Approx. $10,440.31

  • Upstairs Restrooms Oct. 1976 - April 1977 Approx. $17,158.21

  • Installed smoke eater upstairs 12/20/75 $2,685.00

  • Installed speaker and mike upstairs 1/24/76 $1,000.00

  • Installed central air condition system 9/9/76 $25,950.00 by Climate makers, Prince Frederick, MD

  • Paved parking lot 7/18/78 $14,610.00

  • Drilled well 9/26/75 $2,900.00 by W.S. Ward

  • Drilled well 6/1/78 $2,942.62 by W.S. Ward

  • Trap club held shoots on the parking lot (upper level) from Feb. 1966 to March 1972. Received complaints from residents, sold trap Sept. 1, 1972

  • For God & Country

    Orville Wilkerson

    (Orville Wilkerson has been a member of the Post for more than 50 years)

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